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Smoking Your Large Hookah For Pleasure

Large hookahs are probably the best hookahs that you will come across. They will simply enhance your smoking pleasure and would also be increasing the time of every hookah session. With a hookah, you can expect a truly wonderful vaping experience and Evo Hookah simply make the experience even better. Most users like their hookah ornate and sometimes even gaudy. However, the best thing about these hookahs is that they will be used for a very long period of time, making them your perfect companion for vaping for the next few years.

The first thing that you have to do is prepare your hookah for a great smoking session. Start by washing and properly cleaning all your hookah parts. After that, assemble all the pieces together and make sure that all the seals are completely air tight. The tighter the seal, the more concentrated the smoke will be and the flavors would be equally amazing. First of all, you should be filling the base with cold water. If you use ice cold water, then the flavors would be more savory. You can change the things that you put in the base. Some people use fruit juice while some others prefer to use wine. You can also add milk, ice cubes, slices of orange and even lemon at the base for a plethora of flavors.

You should put low smoke charcoal in the coal tray. Remember, you should not be using any other variety of charcoal than this. This special low smoke variety does not emit as much carbon monoxide as does other varieties of coal. The smokeless self-lighting variety of coal is usually the best. The tobacco that you use in these larger hookahs should also be made specifically for hookahs. Any other kind of tobacco would not work as well. Make sure that you handle the charcoal well with the tongs. You should use shisha tobacco as it will be lasting long even with a small quantity. Even with large hookahs, you will not have to use a very huge quantity.

Some vaping lovers also like to place the shisha on a foil with small holes. This helps in preventing the smoke from blowing away and also makes it easier to change the coals. When all is done, you simply have to enjoy your hookah. Just make sure that you do this in a relaxed environment. Take a 30 to 60 minute break and enjoy the best that hookah has to offer.

Different Hookah Parts for Sale You Should Know About

If you want to use Evo Hookah, then you should definitely know about different hookah parts for sale as well. As a norm, you might have to change the parts of your hookah. Therefore, a knowledge of what these different hookah parts are and how they function will be really helpful for you. Let’s take a look.

• Base
Most of the hookahs come with a glass base. Sometimes, these bases are clear while on other times this glass can be tinted green, blue or even red. The shapes of these bases are also quite different and would mostly depend on the manufacturer and the style of hookahs you are buying.

• Pipes
The pipes of the hookah are also quite important hookah parts. They are mostly made of different metals, specially stainless steel, brass and sometimes even tin. The pipes consist of a hose socket where the hose can be attached to the hookah with ease. They also contain a small release valve which helps in ensuring that too much smoke does not get into the hose. If you blow gently on the hose, then excess smoke will be released directly from this valve.

• Hose
The hookah hose is usually the most decorative and ornate element in the hookah. It is actually made of rubber but the ends are mostly wooden. The first end is used for smoking after attaching to a mouthpiece while the other remains attached to the hookah.

• Bowl
The bowl of the hookah is mostly made of clay. This bowl is used to contain the tobacco as well as coal and it has a few holes which help the smoke reach the base.

• Tongs
Tongs are also important hookah parts for sale. However, most experts classify them as hookah accessories. They are used to pick up hot coals and dispose them later.

• Coal tray
A coal tray is a small place to keep the coal. It helps in keeping the coal safe and secure. Moreover, a coal tray can also be used for keeping the coal ash away.

• Disposable mouth pieces
Disposable mouth pieces can be used at the end of the hookah smoke. This is usually helpful when you are smoking socially and want disposable pieces for hygiene purposes.

These were some of the most common parts that you will find. Apart from these, there are wind covers and hookah collars that you can buy. Just make sure that you find the best parts and accessories. Go to this page for the best hookah parts for sale : Evo Hookah Accessories

The Best Luxury Hookah Brand

Are you looking for the best luxury hookahs in the market? If yes, then you definitely need to check out the Evo Hookah hookahs available by the best brands in the market. These brands will be providing you a host of great hookahs which are a piece of art in their own right. So are you ready to learn about these brands? Let’s take a look.

• Roi

This is undoubtedly the most popular hookah brand in the market. They specialize in a variety of different types of hookahs. The good thing is that all of these hookahs are made in the USA. Most of them are thinner than their competitors but are completely hand blown. Their cheapest model is Beast and it is also their most popular variety. In fact, most of the people claim that their first hookah was from Roi only. Most of the models will be available in the range of $179-$379.

• Lavoo

Lavoo is also a USA manufactured brand of luxury hookahs and they are truly creating some of the most elegant designs in the market. They have a huge variety of models to choice from. All of their models are made from laboratory grade glass. Moreover, they are also hand blown. Lavoo has mostly given up on rubber grommets and now mostly works with glass grinded seals for their hookahs. They were also the pioneers of the tank type hookahs, which remains one of their most popular models. The price usually ranges from $170-$500.

• Fumo

Fumo is also a very popular brand of hookahs. They use only food grade hosing, stainless steel and high quality laboratory grade glass in their hookahs. Though they are not providing the most luxurious of the models, their prices range from $275-$400.

• Art

If you have known Temple 45 hookah from Russia, then you know that the Art hookah is a replica of the same. If you like something visually appealing, then go for this brand as it offers LED lights in the base. Art only has one model and the retail price is $250.

• Evolution

The Evolution hookahs are a great match to their price. Although they are comparatively newer to the market, they use thick glasses for the construction of their hookahs and also have a host of models to choose from. The retail prices of the hookahs could be $199-$399.

These were some of the best luxury hookahs that you could choose from. Find a vendor, manufacturer and variety that suits your needs the most on our website. Go here to buy all the best products for this -> Evo Luxury Hookah

Different Types Of Modern Hookahs You Need To Know About

There is no doubt that hundreds of flavors of modern hookahs are available in the market. Most of them are amazing and will give you the amazing vaping pleasure that you were seeking. However, apart from these, there are many varieties of hookahs that you probably don’t know about. Today, we will be taking you on an exquisite journey into the world of both traditional and newer Evo Hookah. Take a look.

• Egyptian hookahs- most people were introduced to hookahs in the best hookah bars around the country. There, they were mostly served Egyptian hookahs. These three feet tall hookahs provide the most amazing and elaborate smoking experience ever. Though they are not the most portable of them all, they are quite a beauty to look at and look great in a collector’s house.

• Modern hookahs- they are nice, convenient and portable and not as ornate as the traditional hookahs. They are best used at homes because they are quite portable. Moreover, they sometimes come with space-age looks and are larger than the rest. Most come with fancy decorations or bases that make them look completely different when compared with a normal hookah.

• Lebanese hookahs- the Lebanese hookah are hand crafted and are usually quite ornate as well. They are mostly shiny pieces of vaping pleasure that could easily grab anyone’s attention. The decorations are quite beautiful. The bases are always available in metal cases that are highly decorative in nature. Some also comes with jewels, stones and other decorations. Some stems even come with colored inlays.

• Syrian hookahs- if you are looking for the best smoke experience, then the Syrian hookah should be your choice. These hookahs can be compared to most modern hookahs as they are quite stylish and pleasing. Moreover, they are very well crafted. A Syrian hookah is a perfect companion for anyone who is looking for exceptional vape experience with too much decorations.

• Turkish hookahs- if you are less into ornate and portability and more about varying sizes in hookahs, then you should definitely look for the Turkish variety. You can find the simplest and most elegant hookahs here. However, even if you want something overwhelmingly decorative, you would not be short of choice. Turkish hookahs usually come with multiple hoses because of which they are a perfect choice for a party or a small get-together with your mates.

These were some amazing varieties of hookahs that you can get. Remember, both modern and traditional hookahs are amazing. You just need to find something that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Glass On Glass Hookahs By Evolution for Sale

Glass on glass hookahs are undoubtedly the most beautiful kind of hookahs available in the market. If you are a hookah lover, then you must definitely have at least one of these in your collection. They would make your collection look beautiful and exquisite. Moreover, they would increasing your vaping pleasure because they are extremely high quality. If you want to buy premium hookahs, then you should definitely buy the ones from Evo Hookah. They are known as one of the best makers of premium class hookahs in the world that not only look beautiful but could also qualify as works of art. These high end hookahs are the most perfect pieces that you can buy if you like premium hookahs.

One of the best things about Evo hookahs is that they have almost given away the rubber gaskets. They only have modern glass connections which is known as double glass hookahs. The two glass pieces are grinded together. This makes them completely sealed with each other and brings a very slight texture at the seals as well. The glass components used in these hookahs have a tight grip on each other as there is no gasket involved here. Though this method is quite expensive, it is hailed as one of the best ways to make glass hookahs. As the process is very time consuming, the cost of these hookahs is also very high. Hence, you will always find these hookahs in the premium category only.

There are many great features in these Evo glass on glass hookahs. They come with built in diffusers, a feature that you would not find in other hookahs in general. A great diffuser will help in improving the surface area of the smoke which will help in improving your smoking pleasure. The smoke is broken up through a diffuser which them passes through smaller holes in the diffuser. This makes the smoke cooler and smoother.

The hookahs designed by Evo also last really very long. They are completely free of rust and corrosion because of which you can keep using them for very long. There are absolutely no metal components in the hookahs because of which mineral deposits etc. are not an issue. Even if there is an issue with these hookahs, they are quite clearly visible. Therefore, if you are looking for the best hookah experience ever, then you should definitely look for glass on glass hookahs here Evo Glass on glass hookahs

Your Ultimate All Glass Hookah Purchasing Guide

Evo Hookah has the best All glass hookahs that always look classy. They can be called the epitome of hookah beauty. In fact, a glass hookah, whether colored or transparent, will mostly bring a sense of elite pleasures your way. A glass hookah could be everything you need if you love vaping. They are becoming very popular by the day and this is the reason why there are hundreds of designs of these products available online. Glass hookahs are a great piece of art. However, you should be very careful while handling them as glass hookahs are generally not as sturdy. However, they have a tighter seal because of they are made up of glass only. This is why they do not even need any rubber grommets. Hence, these hookahs can last really very long if you take good care of them.

One of the best things about these types of hookah is that they do not have any ghost flavors. Glass does not add a flavor of its own to the tobacco because of which you get to taste only pure flavors, something that you would not find in other kinds of hookahs. They are easier to clean as compared to other kind of hookahs. However, these hookahs should not be cleaned with harsh cleaners. You should wash them with water. The perfect cleaners for the all glass hookahs would be vinegar and salt along with water. Another good thing about these hookahs is that they come with a diffuser which is already built into the hookah pipe. This makes the draw smoother. Moreover, there is lesser noise when you are drawing the vape.

Glass hookahs are lighter than other hookahs because of which they should be handled with great care. They can trip over easily and you can face some issues in carrying them to different places. Hence, you should always make sure that you buy good quality stands and supporters for them. One thing that you should consider is that these hookahs are very difficult to replace. If your hookah is somehow broken, you will have no other way but to replace the entire hookah.

Using all glass hookahs is a luxury in its own right. So make sure that you always buy the best of the hookahs and take great care in handling them. This would help you in getting a great hookah in your collection that would be appreciated by everyone. For more information please visit Evo All Glass Hookahs for the best options online.

Tips to Consider When Buying Your Expensive Hookah

Evo Hookah enthusiasts and collectors around the world are always looking for the most expensive hookahs on the planetthat can bring them compliments as well as amazing vaping pleasure. If you are looking for something like that, then you already know that finding authentic hookahs is becoming very problematic these days. This is simply because most of the hookah vendors are selling cheap assembly line chinses hookahs these days. Sometimes, the copies are so authentic that it could become very difficult for anyone to find the difference.

We know that you like high end hookahs and want to buy authentic hookahs only. This is why we are presenting a guide that will help you in removing cheap hookahs from your list and finding only authentic and genuine varieties. Check it out!

• Most mass produced Chinese hookahs look cheap. It would not be too difficult for you to check out how these hookahs have been made. Though some of them quite beautiful, they have some badly made joints and generally lack basic design intelligence that you would see in genuinely made handcrafted hookahs.

• Most of the cheap Chinese hookahs look the same and do not have anything unique about them. Check out the other hookahs available at the shop and you would find an eerie similarity in them. This is simply because these hookahs are mass produced and you will find hundreds of exact copies in the market with ease. Higher end hookahs are usually handcrafted or are only available in a limited quantity because of which they hold higher value than ordinary hookahs.

• Most of the cheap hookahs will come with a plastic hose. Even though their ends could be made of wood, they usually miss the exquisitely designed decorations of high end hookahs.

• There is no hookah hose in the world that can be washed. Therefore, when you see words like ‘washable hose’ and ‘pleather’ on the hookah hose, you can be sure that you are checking out a duplicate and cheap variety. Expensive hookahs have a wired coil that degenerate with every use and need to be changed after a few uses. This is quite natural. Washable hookah hose are simply not genuine enough to be bought by you.

• Always remember that sellers will be providing you 2-hose if it is a 2 hose hookah and 4 hose if it is a 4-hose hookah. There is nothing higher or lower number than that. Moreover, the buyer must also have replacement accessories and parts. If not, the hookah may not be genuine.

Large Hookah Review by Evolution Hookah 2015

This Large Hookah Review by Evolution Hookah is the most up to date review yet in 2015 for Large Hookahs online.

Join the top glass hookah experts for this detailed and in depth review on the top 3 best large hookahs on the market today.

The first large hookah that will be in review today is Evolution Hookahs very own Piccino

This beautiful glass big hookah sits at a whopping 18″ tall with a 7″ diameter base. The thick glass 7mm bowl is a great smoke for even the most experienced shisha smokers. Enjoy the top quality with this one of a kind piece.
Very Large Hookah

The Second Really Tall Hookah is actualley by another brand. This brand is great at making really tall hookahs. Khalil Mamoon is really making a splash in the hookah industry. It is really great to see other brands opening up and entering the broader markets of shisiha smoke. Large hookahs are a big thing now. This hookah might need to sit on the floor instead of the table because of the height.
tall hookahs

The third large hookah we will review today is by a wholesale dealer so really these can only be purchased at wholesale. They are so good though we did not want you to miss out on knowing about them anyway! The Arabic Winds hookah at Downtown Hookah Connection are awesome. They are really tall and stand at 33″ tall. That is the tallest hookah from our three that we have reviewed. It is a bit thinner and not all glass but still a great large hookah to buy. check it out here

very large hookah online

For more info on the best all glass hookahs for sale online or large hookahs online for sale hit up #EvoHookah we are number one on instagram too so check us out there. Don’t forget about our #EvolutionHookah twitter account also! See more at Evolution Hookah website.

New Evolution Unique Design Hamsa Hookah

Glass Hamsa Hookah Design

Hamsa Hookah

From top to bottom this new Evolution unique design hamsa hookah represents pure luxury and modern style in all glass hookahs.

Enjoy Luxury when you experience our new glass on glass designs. The thick glass makes for awesome functionality and the round base allows for the hookah to sit firmly on any table top. For a limited time these new designs are being sold with two extras!

The Hookah is $179 and it comes with:
Box of Hookah Foil
Box of Coconut Charcoal

For all your hookah needs and hookah accessories visit Evo Hookah we are a leader in fine glass hookahs.

The Best Way to Clean Your Hookah Hose

You load a bowl of your favorite shisha, wait for your Coco Naras to be lit all the way through, painstakingly poke holes in the foil. After waiting through a couple minutes of agonizing anticipation, you take your first big pull off your hookah, only to get a mouth and lung full of debris, dust and particles! EEEWWWWW! Maybe you can’t wait to try the new Starbuzz Black Mint, but all you taste is the Rose bowl your buddy smoked through your hookah 2 weeks ago. What just happened?!? Here are a few tips on how to minimize the damage, how to clean your hookah hose, and which hoses are going to provide the longest lasting cleanest smoke and purest flavors. Come on man! Clean your hose. Refresh your flavors. Enjoy your shisha!

Before we begin, lets just get a few facts straight, so there are no misunderstandings about maintaining hookah hoses, washing your hookah hose, and shopping for the right hose up front.