Different Hookah Parts for Sale You Should Know About

If you want to use Evo Hookah, then you should definitely know about different hookah parts for sale as well. As a norm, you might have to change the parts of your hookah. Therefore, a knowledge of what these different hookah parts are and how they function will be really helpful for you. Let’s take a look.

• Base
Most of the hookahs come with a glass base. Sometimes, these bases are clear while on other times this glass can be tinted green, blue or even red. The shapes of these bases are also quite different and would mostly depend on the manufacturer and the style of hookahs you are buying.

• Pipes
The pipes of the hookah are also quite important hookah parts. They are mostly made of different metals, specially stainless steel, brass and sometimes even tin. The pipes consist of a hose socket where the hose can be attached to the hookah with ease. They also contain a small release valve which helps in ensuring that too much smoke does not get into the hose. If you blow gently on the hose, then excess smoke will be released directly from this valve.

• Hose
The hookah hose is usually the most decorative and ornate element in the hookah. It is actually made of rubber but the ends are mostly wooden. The first end is used for smoking after attaching to a mouthpiece while the other remains attached to the hookah.

• Bowl
The bowl of the hookah is mostly made of clay. This bowl is used to contain the tobacco as well as coal and it has a few holes which help the smoke reach the base.

• Tongs
Tongs are also important hookah parts for sale. However, most experts classify them as hookah accessories. They are used to pick up hot coals and dispose them later.

• Coal tray
A coal tray is a small place to keep the coal. It helps in keeping the coal safe and secure. Moreover, a coal tray can also be used for keeping the coal ash away.

• Disposable mouth pieces
Disposable mouth pieces can be used at the end of the hookah smoke. This is usually helpful when you are smoking socially and want disposable pieces for hygiene purposes.

These were some of the most common parts that you will find. Apart from these, there are wind covers and hookah collars that you can buy. Just make sure that you find the best parts and accessories. Go to this page for the best hookah parts for sale : Evo Hookah Accessories