Different Types Of Modern Hookahs You Need To Know About

There is no doubt that hundreds of flavors of modern hookahs are available in the market. Most of them are amazing and will give you the amazing vaping pleasure that you were seeking. However, apart from these, there are many varieties of hookahs that you probably don’t know about. Today, we will be taking you on an exquisite journey into the world of both traditional and newer Evo Hookah. Take a look.

• Egyptian hookahs- most people were introduced to hookahs in the best hookah bars around the country. There, they were mostly served Egyptian hookahs. These three feet tall hookahs provide the most amazing and elaborate smoking experience ever. Though they are not the most portable of them all, they are quite a beauty to look at and look great in a collector’s house.

• Modern hookahs- they are nice, convenient and portable and not as ornate as the traditional hookahs. They are best used at homes because they are quite portable. Moreover, they sometimes come with space-age looks and are larger than the rest. Most come with fancy decorations or bases that make them look completely different when compared with a normal hookah.

• Lebanese hookahs- the Lebanese hookah are hand crafted and are usually quite ornate as well. They are mostly shiny pieces of vaping pleasure that could easily grab anyone’s attention. The decorations are quite beautiful. The bases are always available in metal cases that are highly decorative in nature. Some also comes with jewels, stones and other decorations. Some stems even come with colored inlays.

• Syrian hookahs- if you are looking for the best smoke experience, then the Syrian hookah should be your choice. These hookahs can be compared to most modern hookahs as they are quite stylish and pleasing. Moreover, they are very well crafted. A Syrian hookah is a perfect companion for anyone who is looking for exceptional vape experience with too much decorations.

• Turkish hookahs- if you are less into ornate and portability and more about varying sizes in hookahs, then you should definitely look for the Turkish variety. You can find the simplest and most elegant hookahs here. However, even if you want something overwhelmingly decorative, you would not be short of choice. Turkish hookahs usually come with multiple hoses because of which they are a perfect choice for a party or a small get-together with your mates.

These were some amazing varieties of hookahs that you can get. Remember, both modern and traditional hookahs are amazing. You just need to find something that suits your needs and lifestyle.