ESS Registration


Evo Safe Sheild

What is E.S.S. (Explanation Below)

Service:  When buying one of the Evolution hookah design you must enroll in the ESS program by registering your qualified product at  Registering your qualified product will entitle you to purchase a replacement product of equal or lesser value if the body of your hookah breaks and is no longer usable for its intended purpose at a discounted price.  Evo Safe Shield only applies to the actual body of the hookah and it doesn’t apply to any or parts and accessories eligibility and qualifications

  1. You must register your product at
  2. You must provide proof of purchase that reflect a purchase price that is equal or greater in value then the price posted on
  3. You must ship back the entire hookah including all parts and accessories to Hookah Times Inc, at 320 E 3rd St #B Los Angeles, CA 90013 at your expense.

ESS Form

Evo Safe Sheild Registration Form