Glass On Glass Hookahs By Evolution for Sale

Glass on glass hookahs are undoubtedly the most beautiful kind of hookahs available in the market. If you are a hookah lover, then you must definitely have at least one of these in your collection. They would make your collection look beautiful and exquisite. Moreover, they would increasing your vaping pleasure because they are extremely high quality. If you want to buy premium hookahs, then you should definitely buy the ones from Evo Hookah. They are known as one of the best makers of premium class hookahs in the world that not only look beautiful but could also qualify as works of art. These high end hookahs are the most perfect pieces that you can buy if you like premium hookahs.

One of the best things about Evo hookahs is that they have almost given away the rubber gaskets. They only have modern glass connections which is known as double glass hookahs. The two glass pieces are grinded together. This makes them completely sealed with each other and brings a very slight texture at the seals as well. The glass components used in these hookahs have a tight grip on each other as there is no gasket involved here. Though this method is quite expensive, it is hailed as one of the best ways to make glass hookahs. As the process is very time consuming, the cost of these hookahs is also very high. Hence, you will always find these hookahs in the premium category only.

There are many great features in these Evo glass on glass hookahs. They come with built in diffusers, a feature that you would not find in other hookahs in general. A great diffuser will help in improving the surface area of the smoke which will help in improving your smoking pleasure. The smoke is broken up through a diffuser which them passes through smaller holes in the diffuser. This makes the smoke cooler and smoother.

The hookahs designed by Evo also last really very long. They are completely free of rust and corrosion because of which you can keep using them for very long. There are absolutely no metal components in the hookahs because of which mineral deposits etc. are not an issue. Even if there is an issue with these hookahs, they are quite clearly visible. Therefore, if you are looking for the best hookah experience ever, then you should definitely look for glass on glass hookahs here Evo Glass on glass hookahs