Smoking Your Large Hookah For Pleasure

Large hookahs are probably the best hookahs that you will come across. They will simply enhance your smoking pleasure and would also be increasing the time of every hookah session. With a hookah, you can expect a truly wonderful vaping experience and Evo Hookah simply make the experience even better. Most users like their hookah ornate and sometimes even gaudy. However, the best thing about these hookahs is that they will be used for a very long period of time, making them your perfect companion for vaping for the next few years.

The first thing that you have to do is prepare your hookah for a great smoking session. Start by washing and properly cleaning all your hookah parts. After that, assemble all the pieces together and make sure that all the seals are completely air tight. The tighter the seal, the more concentrated the smoke will be and the flavors would be equally amazing. First of all, you should be filling the base with cold water. If you use ice cold water, then the flavors would be more savory. You can change the things that you put in the base. Some people use fruit juice while some others prefer to use wine. You can also add milk, ice cubes, slices of orange and even lemon at the base for a plethora of flavors.

You should put low smoke charcoal in the coal tray. Remember, you should not be using any other variety of charcoal than this. This special low smoke variety does not emit as much carbon monoxide as does other varieties of coal. The smokeless self-lighting variety of coal is usually the best. The tobacco that you use in these larger hookahs should also be made specifically for hookahs. Any other kind of tobacco would not work as well. Make sure that you handle the charcoal well with the tongs. You should use shisha tobacco as it will be lasting long even with a small quantity. Even with large hookahs, you will not have to use a very huge quantity.

Some vaping lovers also like to place the shisha on a foil with small holes. This helps in preventing the smoke from blowing away and also makes it easier to change the coals. When all is done, you simply have to enjoy your hookah. Just make sure that you do this in a relaxed environment. Take a 30 to 60 minute break and enjoy the best that hookah has to offer.