The Best Luxury Hookah Brand

Are you looking for the best luxury hookahs in the market? If yes, then you definitely need to check out the Evo Hookah hookahs available by the best brands in the market. These brands will be providing you a host of great hookahs which are a piece of art in their own right. So are you ready to learn about these brands? Let’s take a look.

• Roi

This is undoubtedly the most popular hookah brand in the market. They specialize in a variety of different types of hookahs. The good thing is that all of these hookahs are made in the USA. Most of them are thinner than their competitors but are completely hand blown. Their cheapest model is Beast and it is also their most popular variety. In fact, most of the people claim that their first hookah was from Roi only. Most of the models will be available in the range of $179-$379.

• Lavoo

Lavoo is also a USA manufactured brand of luxury hookahs and they are truly creating some of the most elegant designs in the market. They have a huge variety of models to choice from. All of their models are made from laboratory grade glass. Moreover, they are also hand blown. Lavoo has mostly given up on rubber grommets and now mostly works with glass grinded seals for their hookahs. They were also the pioneers of the tank type hookahs, which remains one of their most popular models. The price usually ranges from $170-$500.

• Fumo

Fumo is also a very popular brand of hookahs. They use only food grade hosing, stainless steel and high quality laboratory grade glass in their hookahs. Though they are not providing the most luxurious of the models, their prices range from $275-$400.

• Art

If you have known Temple 45 hookah from Russia, then you know that the Art hookah is a replica of the same. If you like something visually appealing, then go for this brand as it offers LED lights in the base. Art only has one model and the retail price is $250.

• Evolution

The Evolution hookahs are a great match to their price. Although they are comparatively newer to the market, they use thick glasses for the construction of their hookahs and also have a host of models to choose from. The retail prices of the hookahs could be $199-$399.

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