The Best Way to Clean Your Hookah Hose

You load a bowl of your favorite shisha, wait for your Coco Naras to be lit all the way through, painstakingly poke holes in the foil. After waiting through a couple minutes of agonizing anticipation, you take your first big pull off your hookah, only to get a mouth and lung full of debris, dust and particles! EEEWWWWW! Maybe you can’t wait to try the new Starbuzz Black Mint, but all you taste is the Rose bowl your buddy smoked through your hookah 2 weeks ago. What just happened?!? Here are a few tips on how to minimize the damage, how to clean your hookah hose, and which hoses are going to provide the longest lasting cleanest smoke and purest flavors. Come on man! Clean your hose. Refresh your flavors. Enjoy your shisha!

Before we begin, lets just get a few facts straight, so there are no misunderstandings about maintaining hookah hoses, washing your hookah hose, and shopping for the right hose up front.