Tips to Consider When Buying Your Expensive Hookah

Evo Hookah enthusiasts and collectors around the world are always looking for the most expensive hookahs on the planetthat can bring them compliments as well as amazing vaping pleasure. If you are looking for something like that, then you already know that finding authentic hookahs is becoming very problematic these days. This is simply because most of the hookah vendors are selling cheap assembly line chinses hookahs these days. Sometimes, the copies are so authentic that it could become very difficult for anyone to find the difference.

We know that you like high end hookahs and want to buy authentic hookahs only. This is why we are presenting a guide that will help you in removing cheap hookahs from your list and finding only authentic and genuine varieties. Check it out!

• Most mass produced Chinese hookahs look cheap. It would not be too difficult for you to check out how these hookahs have been made. Though some of them quite beautiful, they have some badly made joints and generally lack basic design intelligence that you would see in genuinely made handcrafted hookahs.

• Most of the cheap Chinese hookahs look the same and do not have anything unique about them. Check out the other hookahs available at the shop and you would find an eerie similarity in them. This is simply because these hookahs are mass produced and you will find hundreds of exact copies in the market with ease. Higher end hookahs are usually handcrafted or are only available in a limited quantity because of which they hold higher value than ordinary hookahs.

• Most of the cheap hookahs will come with a plastic hose. Even though their ends could be made of wood, they usually miss the exquisitely designed decorations of high end hookahs.

• There is no hookah hose in the world that can be washed. Therefore, when you see words like ‘washable hose’ and ‘pleather’ on the hookah hose, you can be sure that you are checking out a duplicate and cheap variety. Expensive hookahs have a wired coil that degenerate with every use and need to be changed after a few uses. This is quite natural. Washable hookah hose are simply not genuine enough to be bought by you.

• Always remember that sellers will be providing you 2-hose if it is a 2 hose hookah and 4 hose if it is a 4-hose hookah. There is nothing higher or lower number than that. Moreover, the buyer must also have replacement accessories and parts. If not, the hookah may not be genuine.