Matchless Modern Hookah

Glass modern looking hookah

“Evolution Modern Hookah dominates the shisha industry year after year with the highest level craftsmanship around.”

Our Modern Hookah models are amazing and truly functional for almost every setting. Floor or table, these beautiful shisha will bring beauty and poise to any atmosphere they are placed in. Enjoy Evolution’s top quality glass products today. Browse through our products and find the most Modern style Hookah on the market today. All models are available for purchase today through our website. Once you see an Evo modern hookah design in person you will understand the hand crafted beauty and dedication that was put into engineering such a beautiful device. The smoke that you will enjoy will be plentiful and thick as you inhale from the smooth glass hose. Find glass work and one of a kind designs are what set us apart from the rest of the shisha industry. We are doing our best to continually raise the bar of designs and functionality. We now offer such beautiful graphics printed directly onto your Modern Hookah. Enjoy any of our products with your own hose or our custom glass hoses. The modern touch on these beauties comes from our engineering and design. We keep the smokers vision in mind while building our models. We make sure it is perfect for any shisha session and for any level of smoker.
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Enjoy Evolution Hookah