Pharaoh's Halo Hookah

The Halo from Pharaoh's Hookahs is a striking new hookah from Pharaoh's, blending a matte black stem design with gorgeous base desings. At 21" tall, this medium sized hookah will look great in any situation. And when it comes to smoke production, this beast is a cloud machine.

Modern Design

The Halo hookah shaft features a matte black stem design that is resistant to rust, corrosion, and flavor ghosting with proper maintenance. The hub and downstem is made from durable steel and has four ports, allowing an easy conversion to a 2,3, or 4-hose hookah configuration with the simple addition of a Pharaoh's auto-seal hose adapter. The shaft fits seamlessly into the glass base via a threaded hub and base design, ensuring airtight seals and rich smoke production.
All the accessories that come with the Halo are designed to complement its design, too. The 6' hookah hose is matched to the base color, and has a wooden handle with metal tip. The bowl that comes with this hookah is an unglazed Egyptian design.


The aesthetically designed hookah makes your weekend parties more exciting and interesting.


Attachment Type Screw-On
Number of Possible Hoses 4 (Pharaohs 2.0 Adapters)
Total Height (Base to Bowl) 21.00"
Base Height 9.00"
Base Opening Diameter 1.25"
Hose Type Pharaohs Premium Leather Hose
Hose Length 72.00"
Stem Finish Matte Black
Hookah Packaging Pharaohs Carton Box
Bowl Ceramic Traditional Bowl
Tongs Pharaohs Large Tongs
Total Weight 6.20 LBS


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