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Evolution all glass hookah is the best luxury hookah brand taking smoking shisha to another level. Evo Hookah has a big variety of all Glass Hookah. Some have a wide gage removable downstem, and others have built in downstems for less chances of breakage. All of our beautiful large hookahs are handmade with thick glass that ranges between 5mm and 7mm. Most parts are hand blown by a group of artists that pride themselves on working and building ultimate smoking machine. Each of Evolution Glass on Glass Hookah comes with glass bowl, hose, shisha tray. We are the best hookah brand providing some of the Modern Hookahs with a glass chimney. Evolution proudly introduces to the shisha community to give them the first glass shisha experience without metal or foil. Also, Evo products come in a very well packaged. It helps you to carrying box easily and also reuses it to take your hookah with you on the go. Our Hookah Brand covers bigger variety of designs, style, sizes, colors, and ideas. Some of our Expensive Hookah products are made to feel you luxury. Our glasses on glass hookah designs are on the short side with wider base for more stability, and some stand tall with different glass art work. Evolution prices are a lot more affordable than most all glass hookahs on the market now and still provide a very high quality product.
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